Wedding day scheduling tips Part 1 - prep

April 25, 2016

I am often asked "what about the day of schedule?"..    I guess with 20 years of weddings behind me I have become some sort of expert! 

So here are a three of my favorite tips and tricks I used when establishing your schedule. 

1) Lie to the hair and makeup people.   Yes,  you read that right..  Lie to them.

It's nothing personal really,  the stylist knows they take 45 minutes to do the brides hair.   They know this because that's how long it took them to do it for the trial and the bride loved it!    Now put that same stylist in a room with 10 other women and you are guaranteed to have multiple 2-5 minute distractions over a 45 minute period.   This will add 15-20 minutes to their expected time.  

Now it's really just a white lie,  if I need a bride ready to get dressed at 11:30,  I have the bride tell her stylist that I need her ready to get dressed at 11.  In the end its a win for everyone.   If the stylist is on "lietime".. Great!  If she runs late then the bride stays calm as can because she doesn't feel any pressure of being late.

  There is one exception to my trick.  Michelle at Pink Comb salon in Westfield..   She is always on time!! 

2) What sort of dress do you have? Corset?  Zipper?   It's a simple tip really..  Some dresses are a "15 minute dress" while others are a "30 minute dress"    

Zipper + snap =  10 minute dress

Buttons with elastic bands that pull over =  20 minute dress   (bonus tip,  bring a crochet hook with you to pull the bands over easily) 

Corset = Yeah..  schedule 30 minutes to get into that beauty..  

3)  Hotel Room to Limo = 30 minutes

Nope,  not even kidding..   Take into account that you have 10 people to consider it will take 15-30 minutes.  From leaving a hotel room + walking down the halls +  taking the elevator + whoops someone forgot something and has to run back up! = getting into the limo.  

So,  similar to the hair and makeup fib,  if I want the bride in the limo at 12,  at 11:30 we tell them all to head down.  

The reason I do schedules this way is for one simple reason..  Less stress.   My schedules are very relaxed, with extra time hidden that is not dedicated to anything.    A wedding day needs to have the ability to change and accommodate unforeseen things.  In the end my brides are more relaxed and able to enjoy more time with their close family and friends.  

Please do not hesitate to write if you have any questions and of course if you like this post, please share it!   


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